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Engine 8314 - 2011 Ferrara Inferno 1500 gpm/500 gal.

Entering service in 2011, this is the first non American LaFrance rig purchased in 20 years. It features a notched cut out in the rear exterior portion of the crew cab for pike poles (a custom feature designed by another Nassau County department when ordering their first Ferrara). Responding first due, its' hose complement includes two crosslays (250' 1-3/4", 200' 2-1/2"), dual "long stretch" beds with 200' of 1-3/4" on top of 600' 2-1/2" hose, a rear 250' 2-1/2" attack line as well as 600' of 3" and 1,000' of 5" LDH supply line.     


Engine 835 - 2000 American LaFrance Eagle 2000 gpm/500 gal.

Dedicated in memory of Chief John “Jack” Kelly who served as chief in 1957, this rig is currently assigned to respond second due. It features 2,000 watts of scene lighting and two 250’ booster reels. Its' hose load consists of 1,700' of attack line (500’ 1-3/4”, 100’ 2” lightweight attack and 1,100’ of 2-1/2") as well as 400’ of 3” and 1,075’ of 5” LDH supply line.


Mini Pumper 837 - 1985 GMC 4x4/Saulsbury 750 gpm/250 gal.

Designed for response in above/below ground parking garages in office buildings, it features a Mars mechanical siren, an 8,000 lb. electric winch and 275’ booster reel. It is equipped with 300’ of 1-3/4” and 125’ of 1-1/2” attack line as well as 800’ of 3” supply line.


Ladder 8312 - 2006 American LaFrance Eagle/Ladder Towers Inc. 110' 

The first American LaFrance/LTI aerial with a 12’ outrigger spread, it can be “short jacked” to 10’ for one sided operation. Adorned with “The Man” in honor of Foreman Michael P. Meade who served for 31 years (1975-2006), it features the bell from the 1976 American LaFrance Ladder Chief rear mount aerial it replaced as well as a four trumpet locomotive horn!! Outfitted with a 20KW generator powering 8,000 watts of scene lighting and twin 250’ cable reels, the aerial features a 500 lb. tip load (at full extension or zero elevation) as well as a 1,000 gpm waterway with electric nozzle. It is equipped with a thermal imager, assorted saws, 24 spare SCBA cylinders, a propane burn-off kit, portable generator, haz-mat gear and a Stokes basket.


Tower Ladder 8324 - 2001 American LaFrance Eagle/Ladder Towers Inc. 93’

This rig is the first ever that was not purchased new - acquired in 2007 to replace their 1992 Aerialscope, it formerly served the Voorhees FD in New Jersey where it was leased and then turned in for an identical 2007 model. Originally painted White over Red, it was repainted and gold leafed to match the rest of the Vigilant’s fleet. Equipped with a 1,000 lb. capacity platform with a 2,000 GPM waterway and electric nozzle, it features a 16’ outrigger spread which like Ladder 8312 can be “short jacked” to 12’ for one sided operation. A 10KW hydraulic PTO generator provides power for 4,000 watts of scene lights.


Rescue 834 - 2008 American LaFrance Eagle

Adorned with “ILP” on the crew cab doors, this rig is dedicated in honor and memory of Asst. Chief Jonathan Ielpi, a second generation firefighter and assistant chief of the Vigilant Fire Co. who played a role in the design of this rig (Asst. Chief Ielpi was lost on 9/11 while operating as a career firefighter with FDNY Squad 288). This rig replaced a 1982 GMC Brigadier/Saulsbury walk-in heavy rescue was which an exact copy of the rescue body used by FDNY’s Rescue 2 where Asst. Chief Lee Ielpi (Jonathan’s father, a highly decorated legendary member of the FDNY) was assigned at the time.

Seating six (five in SCBA seats), it features a partial walk-in area accessible from the crew cab with fold-down seating for members to don water/ice rescue gear as well as a fill station for the on-board cascade system. Featuring a six cylinder cascade system with two bottle fill station and Sierra® pressure booster pump, it is equipped with two pre-connected Hurst® extrication tools, a portable power unit, a compartment full of cribbing, 24 spare SCBA/oxygen cylinders, a Haz-Mat mitigation kit and water/ice rescue equipment including wet/dry suits.


Antique Engine 836 - 1932 American LaFrance Metropolitan 1000 gpm

Featuring a gas powered V-12 engine with 3 speed manual transmission, this rig was delivered in March of 1932 and served until 1964 when it was sold to a fire company in Florida. In 1978, it was sought out, bought from a private collector and returned home in 1980 for the company’s 75th anniversary. When sold in 1964, all the loose equipment was removed and placed into storage - upon the rig’s return,  it was discovered that all the mounting holes and brackets still lined up with the equipment still in storage! With the original equipment intact, it was restored and appeared in the Nassau County Parade in 1981 - its’ headlights were out of service so all of Vigilant’s rigs “blacked out” turning off their lights so as not to draw attention to it!!


Antique Engine 833 - 1952 Mack Model 95 1000 gpm

Built during Mack's corporate relocation, the chassis was constructed in nearby Maspeth, Queens (New York City) with the final assembly completed in Mack’s Allentown facility. In service until 1979, this rig which remains fully operational and pumps is dedicated to Chief Harry J. Vogel who actually served as captain in 1934 (the highest ranking officer in the company at the time). Featuring a five speed manual transmission, this rig was damaged in the early 1980’s and while it was repaired, a keen eye may notice that the fenders don’t match. Due to the open cab design, a snow shovel was kept onboard during the winter months  to clean out the cab before returning it to service.

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